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A Natural Treasure: Waukegan Dunes

Friday, July 31, 2015  

Nestled along Lake Michigan's shoreline in Lake County, Illinois, the Waukegan Dunes host a wide diversity of plants and animals. This success is the result of a team of partners working to improve lakefront habitat.

Many of the plants found in the dunes are unique to these natural communities. The wetlands between the dunes support a number of rare birds and fish, including several species that are endangered.

The Waukegan Dunes suffered many years of neglect before recent restoration efforts transformed their ecological value. Due to the habitat improvements, many species of birds now use the area, especially during migration. The beach is especially attractive to many species of shorebirds, including piping plovers, sanderlings, spotted sandpipers, dowitchers, and others.

These improvements are not only helpful to nature; people travel from far distances to spot uncommon bird sitings and explore this natural treasure.

Congratulations to the Chicago Wilderness members who continue to help preserve and protect the abundant life on the dunes.